After a season absent, the Belgian soccer player decides to go through the operating room again.
Real Madrid's left winger Edén Hazard underwent an operation on Tuesday to remove the titanium silver in his ankle.
From the central offices of the white house they said yes.
The white team welcomes the Belgian's operation ahead of the start-up for his departure or a possible session.
Hazard, who arrived in 2019 at a cost of €100m and 4 seasons, has not managed to shine as expected, in addition to this he carries the weight of a historic number such as 7, which his former carrier brought him 4 UEFA league champions to the Chamartín team.
The Belgian winger will miss the rest of the season, since his absence will be approximately 8 weeks, this being greater than the time remaining in the tournament where his team still competes.
In the next edition of the white carousel we will tell you how Madrid is preparing for its match against Chelsea.